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My name is Susan and I'm 47 years old and finally realizing my "horse" dream. 

Lisa Robie is my riding and training coach.  I couldn't ask for a better instructor.  She is very knowledgeable and shares her passion for horses.  The wonderful care that she gives her horses is a great example for me to follow.

As an adult beginning rider, she is very patient with me and doesn't allow me to get ahead of my current riding level.  She knows when my skills are ready for the next step and I have total faith and trust in her.
We have a lot of fun during the lesson and that helps me to learn and be relaxed.
Lisa is a true professional.  If you have a child that wants to learn how to ride and care for horses or you are an adult with a dream like me, I highly recommend Lisa Robie.
Susan, Allen, TX

Madison has had a couple of individual lessons elsewhere but now is taking weekly lessons from Lisa. She LOVES every moment of her riding experience and cannot wait for Tuesdays! Lisa and her daughter Jessica are the perfect teachers for Madison!

"I feel so blessed to have found Lisa-not only are her prices very reasonable but her professional yet down to earth nature makes attending lessons enjoyable. Lisa has a passion and God given talent for what she does and it shows on many levels! Her joy for Natural Horsemanship is contagious and she's happy to help get you hooked on the 'equine love bug.' My favorite part about working with Lisa is that she really knows how to make you feel empowered as a rider while also allowing you to blossom at your own speed."
~Adult student-Katherine


"Lisa is a great instructor to use if you have children! Not only does she have a natural knack for dealing with kids and getting on their level so that they best understand what is being asked of them, but her lesson horses are also big ol' cuddle muffins with great dispositions-which is a very important factor when you're putting a young child on their back. Lisa has always impressed me with how hands on she is with my daughter's instruction-teaching her not only from the saddle but also from the ground-involving her in the grooming, dealing with tack and even natural horsemanship techniques through ground work, while still keeping things age appropriate and fun. I feel very fortunate to have found such a fantastic teacher for our daughter-one who is instilling in her the importance of over all horse care!"
~Parent of anonymous child

I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job with my daughter. You really helped her overcome her fears and she is now very exited about her school trip. It was my first time seeing you at work and I must say I was very impressed with your teaching talents and your even temperament; you were totally awesome. I know all of your students must feel the same way about you.

~Parent of anonymous child


We have tried many activities with our daughter. She never seemed to find her place in anything she attempted.  When she told us she was interested in horseback riding lessons, my husband and I were super excited because we both had a passion for it when we were growing up.  We are so blessed to have found Mrs. Lisa.  We have been taking lessons from her for about 5 months.  Lisa is so patient and loving with the kids.  She never gets frustrated with the silly mistakes beginners make.  She is always encouraging and kind with teaches confidence.  Our daughter is learning new things every week.  I am so thankful for Mrs. Lisa and her sweet daughter Jessica.

~Parent of anonymous child