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Boarding at Equelite

we strive for a natural approach to horse care. It is beneficial both mentally and physically for the horse to remain in a natural environment.

Turnout- Horses are kept out on pasture and, or free choice hay most of the time. In the event of in climate weather some of the horses may be brought in to the loafing sheds and stalled if necessary. This may include long periods of rain, snow, extreme cold, storms, etc. We prefer to leave horses in their most natural environment to bond with their herd mates, graze and move about as they were designed to do.

Full Care Pasture Board:  Stall is available in emergency situation only. Includes free choice hay or grass and Thrive horse feed . Horses requiring extra feed will be charged accordingly. We feed once a day because we want the horse to forage first.

Self Care Pasture Board: Stall is available in emergency situation only.  Includes hay. You buy feed of your choice or you may switch to Thrive horse feed as well which you can purchase from us at cost) and you feed your horse daily.

We also have a barefoot trimmer who comes out every 2 weeks , veterinarian, and equine dentist.

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We know your horse will love it! Our horses do!

Lisa Robie