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About the Trainer

Hi, I am Lisa Westbrook. I am a natural horsemanship instructor. I got my first pony when I was two years old and have loved horses ever since. At the age of twelve I finally got my first Quarter Horse. Then several other horses came along. I spent my school days wishing I was riding. Almost everyday was spent with my horses. Horses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

As an adult, I have received instruction from Craig Cameron, Logan Leach, J Dub Weisiger and I have attended several seminars by Pat Parelli (Founder of Natural Horsemanship), Clinton Anderson and many others similar to them.

I believe natural horsemanship is a better and easier way to train, play with, and ride your horse. It helps you understand the way your horse thinks, the things he does. Please understand I do not read a horse's mind, however by watching their body language and facial expressions you can begin to understand when your horse is frustrated, confused, comfortable, happy, etc...

I have a passion for horses, and people. I believe that both horse and rider can be trained to communicate, listen to, and understand one another. Horse relationships, human relationships, and human to horse relationships parallel one another. We as people can learn from horses. Both can work together to become one.

I love my job and enjoy it. I believe there is no other job like it. It is my desire to teach my students to love being with horses. Not just to ride them, but create a relationship with a horse. It may not be their horse personally but a best friend just the same.

I love my horses and it is my goal to help them love and enjoy being with me and my students.